Safe Transaction Tips

Safe Transaction Tips

Your safety is something we take very seriously. It keeps us awake at night.
We’re always finding new ways to make the Modern Homes Properties user experience safer, but here are some pointers that’ll help make buying or selling a little safer:

1. Scams to be Avoided:

1) Don't trust users who want you to provide any kind of payment services or ask for extra fees for an item or service.

2) You are supposed to reject any request to use money transfer services such as; MoneyGram, Western Union which are not the authorized tools for Modern Homes Properties users. To ensure a safe transaction, the most basic rule to follow is not to pay in advance at any time when you are using Any payment before delivery is not allowed for buyers, and sellers are prohibited to request payment in advance.

2. Check the item by yourself

You should go for property inspection first by yourself and ensure every detail is as expected by yourself before you pay for it.

3. Meet in a public place.

If you're buying or selling a property, there's no reason why you should have to meet at someone's home (the buyer or seller insists that you come over to their house, approach with caution). Instead, meet in a well-lit, public place. This is a blanket rule - for example, office, property site, a local coffee shop or another venue that's convenient for both of you.

4. Trust your guts

If a property seems too good to be true or something about the sale feels off, it probably is: As timeless as this is, we often forget it. So please, beware of unrealistic offers. It’s normally a ploy to get you to make a hasty, and costly, mistake. Use your intuition as your guide and only do business with people that you feel comfortable with.

5. Buddy up

If you're going to property site, make sure you bring a friend along. Conversely, if you're going to be letting a buyer/seller into your abode, make sure you're not home alone.

6. How do I know if it's a Fraud?

Although we make sure we’re at the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to preventing fraud, your safety is just as much our responsibility as it is yours.

So, here are tips for spotting fraud for buyers and sellers.

  • If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. Especially if it’s advertised at a suspiciously low price.

  • The seller wants advance payment or initial deposit before sending you the property pictures or before taking you to the site for inspection. They’ll often insist that you can pay the balance when collecting the property legal documents, or refund your money should you be unhappy with the property.

  • The seller can't take you to the property site for inspection or can’t meet you in a public place but wants to talk to you on phone and send you property pictures.

  • The seller asks for personal information like your ID number, bank details, your email address, or your debit/credit card number.

  • If the seller wants to take you off the Modern Homes Properties chat by saying “email me” or “call me on this number”.

  • The buyer insists on using a cheque.

  • The buyer demands you send the property documents and agreement before they pay for it.

  • The buyer asks for personal information like your ID, bank details, your email address, your debit/credit card number.

  • The buyer is from a foreign country or wants to buy the property for a relative who is abroad.

  • The buyer will ask to send a driver to collect the documents of the property without going for inspection. They often immediately reverse the online payment or send a fake proof of payment.

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